Let Go of That Sh*t Book (Anxiety)

  • Let Go of That Sh*t Book (Anxiety)
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Gah! Modern life is full of shit to freak out about … With 45 relatable, reassuring nuggets-o’-wisdom, this fun, funny, relatable little book gently guides you to view your fears from a positive perspective, laugh at your own freakout-ability, and cut yourself a break! Includes 45 tear-out slips to write on and RELEASE all those anxieties, literally and symbolically, however you see fit (burn! bury! make spitballs! do a collage!). • Channel your inner Zen with the ultimate self-help-y let it go book! • Because reframing mental garbage & learning how to change your mind is a real superpower! • Hardcover; 4.25 x 5.75 inches; 112 pages; 45 tear-out slips