A+T's Wedding Design: Unveiling the Creative Process

Welcome to part one of our Full Service Design blog series, where we delve into the wedding journey of A+T. This event was truly a monumental feat, and we are excited to take you behind the scenes. Join us as we explore the elements that brought this day to life, including the design narrative, mock-up and revisions, week of production, and exclusive day-of insights.

Let's start from the very beginning! In December 2022, just five months before their special day, we had the pleasure of meeting A+T. As part of our design process, we prioritize getting to know our clients on an intimate level. We believe in designing with intention, and understanding the essence of the couple is key. To achieve this, we ask a series of questions that allow us to gain insight to their unique story. How did they meet? What activities do they enjoy together? What are three significant moments in their journey? To name a few. Additionally, we provide them with a list of around 35 adjectives to reflect upon and choose from, describing their ideal wedding day. This process of getting to know our couples intimately empowers us to design with purpose and meaning.

Once we have a clear understanding of our clients' story and desires, we create an event narrative that is tailor-made for their vision. Our design narrative serves as a storyline, meticulously mapping out every aspect of the couple's day, from the enchanting ceremony to the grand exit. We take great pride in offering this full-service design process, which extends well beyond traditional floral arrangements.

The first step in the design narrative is establishing a color palette. For A+T, we curated a harmonious blend of deep and soft blues, complemented by elegant whites and neutrals. To infuse the arrangements with depth and texture, we incorporated acrylic, wooden, and brass elements.


Next on our journey is the mood board—an inspirational collage that captures the essence of the wedding's atmosphere. Drawing inspiration from other awe-inspiring events, the mood board elegantly translates A+T's desired vibe. In their case, sophisticated elegance takes center stage, embodied by a translucent tent and delicate florals specially selected from the chosen color palette.

Next, we present a closer look at the inspiration for the floral arrangements. When it came to selecting the perfect floral aesthetic for A+T's wedding, we aimed for flowers with natural movement, creating a whimsical atmosphere reflecting the charm of the backyard.

Another crucial element of the design narrative is presenting the couple with various rental options that will be incorporated into the event space. These rentals, including tables, chairs, and linens, play a pivotal role in transforming the venue and bringing the entire vision to life.

The rental options are carefully curated to align with the couple's vision and complement the overall design scheme. We consider factors such as style, color palette, and desired atmosphere to make informed choices. By presenting the couple with these rental options, we provide them with a tangible preview of how the space will come together, allowing them to envision the final look and feel of their special day.

Our full-service design process goes beyond traditional floral arrangements, aiming to create an immersive and enchanting experience for the couple and their guests, and we loved creating one for A+ T.

As we continue our blog series, we look forward to sharing more captivating details, including the mock-up and revision process, the dynamic week of production, and exclusive behind-the-scenes moments from the magical day itself.