Full Service Flowers

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Full Service Florals

At Bloom Shakalaka we love getting to be a Full Service florist - and bring your event dreams to life!

Our team specializes in pushing the envelope and making the impossible possible, ensuring your event is nothing short of extraordinary. From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, our team takes care of every floral detail.



Carousel Yacht Club | Clearwater Fl |
Bright Blooms

If you are looking for a team who is adaptable, professional, creative, hard working and fun to work with – Bloom Shakalaka should be your choice. As an event design and production company, we have the pleasure of choosing from floral teams all over the state of Florida for our clients – but we didn’t have to look far to find the perfect team for Katie and Steven.

This event spanned a huge set of country club grounds, beginning with a large ceremony installation with a matching cocktail hour bar installation. Flowed to a huge sailcloth tent replete with a full ceiling installation and hundreds of bespoke, built onsite ikebana centerpieces.

It’s our pleasure to use Bloom for clients who appreciate their artful style, it’s always executed so well, as it was for Katie and Steven.

Amanda AllenFounder, Creative DirectorMMD Events



Hardemans Secret Garden  | Dover, FL | Modern Garden

Rachel and Collin’s event was nothing short of spectacular. Imagine walking into a space where modern elegance meets bold floral designs. The entire venue was transformed into a stunning display of contemporary chic infused with vibrant, daring flowers, creating a memorable atmosphere that left everyone in awe.

By blending contemporary sophistication with bold floral elements, we paid homage to both the couple's modern style and their love for vibrant details. We succeeded in making their event an unforgettable celebration, one that truly captured their unique essence and left a lasting impression on all who attended.



Private Residence | Lakeland, FL | Backyard Garden

Allyson and Taylor’s wedding will forever be a favorite of the Bloom Crew. Picture an alluring canvas of whites intertwined seamlessly with the sophistication of blue and white chinoiserie.

We not only curated a stunning color palette, but intricately wove elements of the couple's journey throughout the event's design. From delicate floral arrangements to subtle, yet, meaningful nods to the couple's story, every corner bloomed with personalized charm. Their day was a celebration where classic beauty met the essence of their unique love story.



Bonnet Springs Park | Lakeland, FL | Modern Tropical

The Bonnet Springs grand opening was like stepping into a modern tropical paradise. Using the natural landscape to inspire us, the space bloomed into a vibrant oasis blending modern-chic with lush tropical vibes.

But wait, let's talk about the showstopper—the bar! Placed intentionally at the center of the room, the bar was a moment that would capture everyone’s attention. With the clients vision, we were able to craft a bold, contemporary statement piece, with bits of tropical accents.

Mixing contemporary flair with traditional tropics, a nod to both the landscape and new architecture, we helped make their grand opening an unforgettable experience.



A LA CARTE Flowers

Our A La Carte menu provides a convenient, efficient way to have Bloom at your event. We have a streamlined process grouped in our signature color palettes, keeping your decisions straight-forward and intentional.

Click below to shop our menu full of personalized blooms in our garden-inspired style. It's the perfect choice for quality-conscious, budget-minded individuals.

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