New Year, New Bloom

The time has come to unveil some behind the scenes of our closely-guarded secret project! For the past year, our team has been dedicated to shaping the Bloom brand into something we wholeheartedly embrace—Joy with every Bloom.

When we originally opened our doors, we knew we wanted to allow our funky, fresh blooms to be accessible to the public. Beyond that- we had a lot to learn (and a pandemic) ahead. As we evolved, we often found ourselves feeling some growing pains.

After exponential growth as a company, our good friends at Rebel met Bloom in a season of transition. Their team helped us dial in and define who Bloom is. Our extra oomph, if you will. Their patience & engagement throughout the brand refreshment process allowed us to become one unified voice with a brand we are all proud to represent.

Having carefully honed our vision, the moment arrived to dive all in and refresh our content. Brace yourselves, because your feeds are about to be flooded with new brand photos, we are kind of obsessed. We owe tremendous gratitude to the talented Tina Sargeant for her incredible work. She was able to capture the flowers beautifully. Her photos help showcase the joy the flowers bring us and that we want to spread throughout our community! 

Our new website showcases our craftsmanship while bringing our funky, fresh vibes. Shout out to Spark Sites for helping bring our vision to life- and for your crazy amount of patience with our (approximately 1 million) ideas.

The best part? —it's about YOU. We've curated an elevated user experience designed to cater to your every need. Whether you're seeking everyday flowers, event blooms or a custom design experience, we have you covered!

Your unwavering support has been our driving force, and for that, we are so grateful to have you as part of our Awesome Blossom Crew!

A heartfelt shout-out goes to Treasury Rentals for their invaluable support throughout this incredible journey. You know how much we love you, right?

Join us as we embrace our next chapter!

With Love,

The Bloom Crew